Final Glaze detailing is the performance of an extremely thorough cleaning, polishing and waxing of an vehicle, to produce a show quality level of detail. Besides improving the appearance of cars, detailing helps preserve the car, and thus, increases resale value.

Modern paintworks particularly are so easy to damage with poor washing techniques and can soon look dull, scratched and tired. Simply washing your car with a sponge in a circular motion can cause what we call swirl marks - fine circular scratches in the paint work.

Previously, the only solution was a respray. This is no longer the case. Using a range of high quality products, Final Glaze can transform your car into better than showroom condition.

With each detail package, we include a 'Safe Wash Method', this includes:

  • pH neutral snow foam bath.
  • Vehicle jet washed.
  • Alloy wheels are washed then cleaned.
  • Tyres and arches are jet washed and degreased by hand.
  • All door shuts are degreased and rinsed.
  • Washing using two bucket method.
  • All lower bodywork degreased to remove any tar spots.
  • Paintwork decontaminated using a clay bar to remove all contaminants.
  • Full car hand dried with micro fibre towels.

Please see below for a guide prices on my detailing services, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Is a starting point detail to freshen up your vehicle’s appearance. For very best results Maintenance Details are designed to be carried out following receiving a more thorough treatment from Final Glaze, however this option is still available for new clients.


Is an intensive deep cleanse suited for vehicles that receive regular care and require no paintwork correction. This is a perfect pre-winter service to protect your car against the elements.

This comprehensive ‘deep-cleanse’ is the foundation Final Glaze detailing service, which lightly polishes and cleanse paintwork to form an ideal base for the wax to be applied. Stripping back surface contaminants, nourishing the paintwork and protecting all exterior aspects of the car against the elements.


The enhancement stage is to improve the depth and final gloss of the paintwork. The paintwork will go through a two stage machine polish to remove any fine swirling and light scratching.

This is designed for cars that do not require a full paint correction but a Final Glaze's intermediate detailing service.


A three stage machine polish is given to eliminate light to medium swirls/scratches, oxidation and dull and hazy paintwork that is damaged over the years by poor wash technique, bad contact and strong chemicals.


Final Glaze is the ultimate car care package I offer, your vehicle will go through a multiple stage machine polish’s to refine the paintwork up to a 90% corrected surface.


kamikaze collection

Kamikaze Collection is a revolutionary range of high-end boutique car care products designed and manufactured in Japan, the home of ceramic coatings.

Combining state-of-the-art technology with traditional know-how, Kamikaze Collection prides itself on delivering truly innovative and unique products without the typically associated hype. Employing the ‘kaizen’ approach, Kamikaze Collection focuses on continuous improvement to ensure their customers benefit from products that really do add value.


1What can I expect from defect removal?
The final glaze level depends on the initial state of the paintwork and what service you wish to pay for. As a guide most cars can be corrected to a substantial amount (90%) in these 2-3 days. If the vehicles paintwork is particularly severe then additional time may be required.
2Does machine polishing remove paint?
Yes, typically 2-5 microns of paint are removed per detail, depending on the service choosen. The average depth of paintwork is around 80-130 microns. A paint gauge is used to obtain the depth of paintwork and to determine the safe amount that can be removed per panel.
3How can I keep the Final Glaze?
Careful hand washing using a two bucket method is advisable after rinsing the vehicle with a hosepipe or snow foam. AVOID automatic car washes and local hand wash! Advice will be given to ensure your vehicle can be maintained. Also a six month wax top-up can be arranged.
4How long will the finish last?
Defects in the paint work are permanently removed and, in theory, the finish will last forever. However, as mentioned above if you do not correctly maintain your paintwork while washing, new swirl marks/scratches may appear.