Over a 3 day period, you will learn how to efficiently complete a high quality installation, from accessing the job at hand including material choice, costing and material manufacture to suit your customers requirements. We will also cover the materials behaviour as well as safe and proper installation methods.

All of the above will take place, at Final Glaze Academy undertaken on the basis of myself Mark owner of Final Glaze tutoring each individual with a hands on experience working on actual cars.

Included in the price will be a full tool kit including laser thermometer and heat gun and an allocation of full roll of Hexis series cast wrap the remains of which the student will take home.

£1,600 - £2,400


Held at Final Glaze Academy participants will be guided through the art of detailing, the personal one-on-one 3 day course is conducted by myself Mark owner of Final Glaze. During the course, participants will be taken through safe methods of decontamination, washing and drying, care of interior surfaces and matte paint finishes.

Participants will learn how to assess the paint type and gauge paint thickness and be shown how to select optimum machine, pad and polish combinations together with the techniques needed to correct, enhance and refine any paint finish. Participants will gain vital hands-on experience under close supervision, of rotary, forced action, and dual action machines along with an explanation of the benefits and limitations of each.

Who's it for: Enthusiasts – semi-professionals- professional detailers

Looking to learn or better understand car detailing techniques, product application and surface protection, machine polishing

Times: 8am - 5pm

£350 - £1,100


  • Wheel & wheel arch decontamination & washing
  • Iron & general fallout removal
  • Pre-wash (Snow Foam)
  • Safe adhesive removal (bug squash, tree sap, tar)
  • Degreaser - how and when to use
  • Safe washing - methodology & equipment
  • Claying - clay mitts vs clay bars
  • Rinsing with de-ionised water
  • Safe drying techniques & equipment
  • Water spot removal (post-wash maintenance)
  • Paint inspection & defect identification
  • Using masking tape
  • Polishing by hand / pre-wax cleaning
  • The basics of using a dual-action (DA) machine polisher
  • Choosing the correct polishing pads
  • Choosing the correct compounds & polishes
  • Pre-wax / sealant - panel preparation
  • Selection & application of last step paint protection products (LSP)
  • Glass care & protection
  • Metal care & protection External plastics & rubber protection
  • Wheel sealants (wax vs ceramic?)
  • Tyre dressings


  • Pre-detail preparation
  • Decontamination & pre-cleaning
  • Engine bay preparation & cleaning
  • Cabriolet care
  • Safe washing & drying techniques
  • Using a hydraulic ramp
  • Wheel removal, inspection, sealant application & replacement
  • Inspection lighting
  • Paint depth readings & interpreting results
  • Paintwork defect identification
  • Types of paint finish
  • Machine polishing: DA, rotary, forced rotation
  • Polishing pad types, priming & cleaning
  • Compound selection
  • Machine polishing practical using car panels
  • Interior fabric & plastics care
  • Leather care
  • Glass polishing, cleaning & sealing
  • Caring for external trim and rubber seal


  • Customer expectations (new car, enhancement, correction)
  • Decontamination, washing & drying
  • Hydraulic ramp use & safety
  • Wheel care, removal & replacement
  • Vehicle Appraisal Sheet
  • Paintwork inspection & assessment
  • Smart repairs - what to watch out for
  • Badges removal / replacement
  • Using a de-nibbing tool
  • New Car Preparation, pre-wax cleaning, sealant preparation
  • Wet sanding & matting compounds
  • Backing plate types (grades & size)
  • Pad types (including specialist), priming & cleaning
  • Selecting compounds (water based vs oil based)
  • Machine Polishing (Dual Action)
  • Machine Polishing (Forced Rotation Dual Action)
  • Machine Polishing (Rotary)
  • Machine Polishing (iBrid long & short neck)
  • Machine Polishing (Flex cordless)
  • Removal of bird lime etch, tree sap
  • Practical - machine polishing on test panels
  • Matte paint, vinyl wrap & PPF care
  • Last step products
  • Temperature / humidity considerations
  • Ceramic coating application
  • Customer handover